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Our Company, the Budapest Aircraft Service Kft. (Ltd.) - short: BASe Airlines, was established by pilots and technical experts of aviation in December 1991.

Headquarters of the Company is located in Budapest, so for the basis of the operations we choosed the Budapest – Ferihegy International Airport today Budapest – Franz Liszt International Airport.

We started our activity by operating of two leased LET L-410 UVP aircraft for charter and courier flights.

 Almost since that time we have flown scheduled regional passenger flights to the neighbouring countries – such as Austria, Ukraine and Croatia – by a contract under the call sign of the former AVIAEXPRESS – a Hungarian certificated company.

Upon charge of foreign partners - since 1992 – we have performed night courier flights to Austrian, Slovakian and Italian destinations from Budapest, Zagreb and Ljubljana as well.

Besides of the above mentioned operations our company maintained and operated eleven helicopters of the Hungarian National Health Services for HEMS tasks based on a network of six heliports in Hungary, and one fixed wing aircraft for international Air Ambulance Services from 1994 till 2006.

The operation of a special equipped L-410 UVP-E8 (aircraft for aerial works - Flight Inspection Service) by a contract with Budapest Airport Rt. has further improved our capabilities – by this one we provided precision calibration/test flights of civil and tactical air navigation systems both in Hungary and abroad (since 1996).

We purchase-leased the first own “Turbolet” aircraft in 1997, and we bought the second one and the first helicopter in 2000. Using these planes we transported goods to Romanian destinations from 2002. At the same time we flew for the Bosnian Airlines to Rome and Belgrade by schedule.

As far as international cargo capacity is concerned we effected numerous regular and charter flights by owned L-410 UVP-E and leased AN-26B airplanes conveying goods, parcels and mail all around Europe.

According to the challenge of the tourism we have performed seasonal charter chains from Budapest and smaller provincial airports of our country to popular resorts of Croatia and Montenegro since 2003.

Having our first EMB-120 ER in summer 2005 we continued these charter flights to Tivat, than to Corfu and Burgas by cooperating with the biggest Hungarian tour operators.

Being in good operational relations, we flew several hundred hours for Air Moldova’s flight schedule between 2006 and 2011, when we had enough capacity of our fleet, which consist of two more EMB-120 ER from the middle of 2008.

At the same period started to operate a Bell 206 rotorcraft for sightseeing, aerial works, etc.

The national air carrier, MALÉV Hungarian Airlines signed a contract with us for starting to operate some of its regional flights in 2007. During the first season we performed the schedule for Ljubljana and Timisoara under MA flight numbers.

By now we operate several flights of MALÉV daily timetable to the surrounding destinations providing flexibility according to the frequent changes by the operational requirements of our partner.

The proper quality and level of flight safety have been ensured through our well-qualified crew members and technical staff managed by experienced post holders of the company.

As a result of the daily cooperation with foreign partners, companies performing similar operational and maintenance activities as our company we are able duly follow the challenges and development of the commercial flight sector.

Should you have the intention to ask for particular transport services of BASe Ltd. our company commits itself to fulfil special safety conditions connected with, and to observe the regulations concerning to the organization and performance of such flights.

We are at your service all the time.

Yours faithfully,

Zoltán Ármai