Helicopter flights


Passenger transport:


We operated by experts with many decades of experience gained in professional flights and is at its clients’ disposal with the worldwide most proven Bell 206 type helicopter in job and business flights. This machine enables the comfortable, safe and highly spectacular trip of three passengers.


During special programs it offers an unforgettable adventure for the participants to admire the province from the helicopter. On another occasion, when a longer distance has to be done within an exact schedule, the helicopter flight renders good service, too. Also in case of events, which are approachable only with much circumstance, we can guarantee a convenient run-in.


Aerial works:



In the field of job flights our helicopter is likewise ready for action due to its finish to take up special tools e.g. different camera systems for shooting films or photographing, but it can also be suitably equipped for mapping works, for laser scanning of the surface (FUGRO) and for other monitoring (FLIR).


The helicopter can also be safely applied for further control jobs not requiring special outfit, for inspection of lines, for technical surveys and for supervision of distribution systems.  


The long practice of our pilots gives proper security for the punctual and qualitative accomplishment of the most different duties.


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