Passenger transport


Our company offers you our passenger air transportation services operated by our aircrafts of Embraer 120 ER with a capacity 30 seats.


In practice you can reach almost each European airport in the continent by our nonstop flight in a range of 1500-2500 km from your origin.


Our turboprop aircrafts equipped with a kitchen, leather seats has a cruizing speed of 530 km/h on a flight level of 8750 m and meets all necessary European navigational and safety standards. Our aircrafts are able to operate and carry smaller incentive groups or business travellers and tourist even to smaller airports out of destinations of network carriers. Our passengers enjoying services of our mindful crew can travel between most of European cities without the inconvenience of long transfers to and from a major hub.


We offer you very flexible prices highly considering your demands including departing and arriving times and the possibility of grounding the aircraft at destination for 2-3 days. Out of Budapest Airport we can offer you operations to from such Hungarian destinations like, Győr, Debrecen, Pécs, Balaton Airport and almost any airports in Europe.


To each request we offer customized, taylor-made prices!