Quality and safety


In BASe Ltd's operations quality is the key factor for flight safety and the economic efficiency of services.

BASe Ltd has a joint and impartible responsibility for the safety of flight operations, continuing airworthiness and maintenance warranting the safe condition of aircraft included.

BASe Ltd's continuing airworthiness and maintenance quality policy shall be applied uniformly and completely to all activities connected with continuing airworthiness and maintenance and to all related operational processes.

Quality system serves the interests of a reliable, safety and economically efficient aircraft's continuing airworthiness and maintenance, ensuring at the same time the protection of health and labour safety of employees, fire prevention and the protection of the passengers as well as of the environment.

Quality shall be the integral part of everyday processes.

BASe Ltd's quality policy considers the relationship "aircraft – people – environment – management" as a complete system and ensures that quality is realised to the same extent in each of its elements.

Quality policy aims at the same time at the open disclosure of quality-deteriorating factors, the solution of problems influencing quality, the current improvement and development of the quality of continuing airworthiness management.

Its principal aim is to constantly monitor whether M.A. Subpart G and Part 145 are fulfilled.


Only by providing the standard of quality and service demanded by BASe Ltd's customers, and constantly striving to maintain and improve the standard, can BASe Ltd. continues to be a respected provider of services.


The management of BASe Ltd declares its commitment for quality and flight safety in airline operations by its continuing airworthiness and maintenance quality policy.